Backstage Pass: Meet Low Cut Connie, Headliner of Molestice 2017

We sat down for an exclusive interview with James Everhart of Low Cut Connie, this year’s Molestice headliner.

James, my man, Low Cut Connie is a trip to go see live. First off, what are you planning to wear to Molestice?

James: All denim – and probably a hawaiian shirt and bolo tie, nothing that matches.

You guys are looking forward to a busy summer of touring with the release of your new album on May 19th. What made you agree to make a pit stop in your hometown of Philly for Molestice?

James: Being part of this festival means that we get to take part in the grassroots process of a fast-growing, exciting festival in the heart of our beloved city, Philadelphia. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Who are you most excited to share the bill with this year?

James: I’m excited to hear Hank and Cupcakes, they look wild!

Low Cut Connie has played some pretty electric shows. Give us a picture of your best moment on stage.

James: My best moment is still to come—every show and every experience must be a step up from the last, but New Year’s Eve in front of 3,000 people in Montreal with Gogol Bordello wasn’t too bad!

Tell us what you think about the Philly music scene.

James: Philly is a city of underdogs, we always like to have a fire lit under our butts. The music scene is unique because it’s very intertwined and connected no matter what the genre. It’s a big, little city in that regard.

We’re super amped for your new album release on May 19th. Where will fans be able to hear Low Cut Connie’s new tunes?

James: Low Cut Connie is releasing our fourth album, “Dirty Pictures (Part I)” on May 19th.  We’ll be touring nationally all year, I’m excited for our big local shows at Union Transfer on September 8th and Irving Plaza in NYC on October 6th.

Awesome. Can’t wait to see your set on June 24th. Fans and friends, keep up with Low Cut Connie via Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and look out for the release of “Dirty Pictures (Part I)” on May 19th.

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